the death letter
the death letter
  • The Author
    • Lauren Brown
      Lauren Nichole Brown
    • Lauren Nichole Brown is the author of Raif and Rose: The Death Letter. This is her debut novel and the first book of the four part Raif and Rose series. The Raif and Rose Series was conceived when Lauren was sixteen years old. She spent the next four years turning the story into both a screenplay and a manuscript.

      The script for The Death Letter was completed in 2011. By the end of summer of 2012 The Death Letter novel was completed. In addition to completing the first novel of the series, Lauren has also collaborated with music producer Jason Foster to complete the music soundtrack for the Death Letter novel.

      Though her favorite genres to read are adventure and science fiction, she also enjoys the occasional satire. Lauren started writing stories in kindergarten and hasn’t stopped since. She hopes all who read her novels will be filled with the same sense of wonder and excitement she feels in writing them.

      Lauren is actively pursuing a writing and film career, and has done a number of plays throughout her short acting career. Lauren is in her senior year at George Washington University (GWU) and is currently on a semester abroad studying at university in Nantes, France.